the olden mecha days

me: you will never see my photos from when I was a teen. Not happening. Eldest: oh really? Me: you don’t want to see me with a pink and purple mohawk with stripes shaved into the side of my head… Eldest: apparently you were an extra for Mad Max

Carrot Sticks – a side view       This, and the resulting very civil comments, is absolutely worth reading. is not that long. he’s talking about the mindset of the angry, rights-busting conservatives from an anthropological prism and I think he’s totally right. I would add that for some of these people, the consternation is twisted higher from the … Continue reading

Brand names twitter

I’ve seen a few opinions on the whole Brands that tweet as a person thing and I gotta say, I think it’s awesome.Because every time I see a brand put out any PR, I already anthropomorphize it anyway. Lots of people do. A huge brand like Burger King or Target cannot be comprehended as it … Continue reading