anatomy of birds

Me: we have to leave the eggs because the mother birds need to sit on them so they can be born Lil Miss: [busts out laughing] I can’t believe birds do that! Me: heh yeah Lil Miss: it’s like their farting on their babies! Me: heh Lil Miss: wait, can birds actually fart? Me: …

smart phones and the decline of society

I am coming to the conclusion that it’s not smartphones that are screwing up society, it’s the indirect effect of “immediacy” – because of tech like smartphones, everyone expects immediate answers. So it seems like everything you do requires another meeting, another answer, RIGHT NOW that’s what’s driving me nuts. Before this tech, people communicated … Continue reading

The Tater Tot Saga

Was “accosted” by Third Son soon after waking from a 5 hour “nap” to detail The Saga of the Tater Tots… with a twist ending Apparently SOMEONE put some tater tots in the oven and forgot about them. Luckily he discovered this and managed to air out the house while I was sleeping and turn … Continue reading