Bad Moms

It was pretty much everything I expected; funny, cliche, silly, touching, uplifting, reasonably realistic at times. I love that there was a pretty good diversity of class levels in the story but it *was* middle class. The ending “confessional” pretty much made up for the classist myopia however. After all, it’d be really unrealistic to have the entire class spectrum represented within that storyline. I also loved the “trashy” mom best which surprised me. I thought I’d be offended and pissed but mostly she was just herself and IDGAF about it all in an empowering way for everyone else. Yes, over the top at times but they all were over-the-top. Once you accept that everything in this movie was over-the-top – including fantasy sequences spliced in well enough that a couple of times i was like “wtf? Oh, nevermind” – then its a really fun flick.