I am not as funny as The Bloggess. I am not as cool as Wil Wheaton. I am not as sexy as Danica McKellar. I am not as hip as DJ Rekha. I am not as admirable as stark.raving.mad.mommy.   I am not as entertaining as The Oatmeal or Hyperbole and a Half. I am not as knowledgeable as AskGoodJoan.

…but I’ll do.

I’m not really a mommy-blogger, although writing about my kids and parenting is a very common subject for me. I’m not really giving out advice left and right for everyone although I do plan on having a FAQ with all the best questions I’ve gotten through the years. For some reason people tend to ask me for information. I like to think that its because if I don’t know the answer, I usually know where to find the answer. And that was before Google. Its probably all those books. I’ve probably read more books than just about anyone I know. Well okay except for the producer of my theater group. He’s PROBABLY read more than me because he’s got lots of books I’ve never read. Which is an amazing thing. I ought to know because I clean his house once a month. I think the biggest mark of my professionalism is that I don’t spend more than five minutes looking at his books when I’m supposed to be cleaning.

Anyway. I’m not entirely sure which direction this blog will really go. I couldn’t decide between doing mommy-blogging (from the alternative-geeky side of life) or blogging about being a cleaning woman. Believe it or not there’s a lot to say about being a cleaner. And I will.

First, though, I’m in the process of moving a lot of my old stories from LiveJournal to here.  The best advice I can give about being here is to use the categories on the left there. Be sure to check them periodically because I’ve got HUNDREDS of entries to put in and I’ve barely begun (my first night I posted 75 stories) and/or the use the tag cloud down there. Some entries are cross referenced between tags and categories but mostly they go together. I think. I’m not entirely sure I’m using this whole system properly. Gawd forbid it turns out I’m doing it all ass-backwards because then I’ll be compelled to either go through and redo every-damned-thing OR scrap it all. Knowing me, I’d redo it all.

I make typos, I screw up my punctuation and grammar (I think I use the semicolon too much currently) And I say “actually” way too much. I know I start sentences with conjunctions but that’s too damned bad. So don’t bother telling me. I’ll ignore you unless it changes the meaning of what I’m saying.

I bet I’ll change this in a few months.


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