Movie Review: Bad Moms

It was pretty much everything I expected; funny, cliche, silly, touching, uplifting, reasonably realistic at times. I love that there was a pretty good diversity of class levels in the story but it *was* middle class. The ending “confessional” pretty much made up for the classist myopia however. After all, it’d be really unrealistic to … Continue reading

Why I’m not a Libertarian

For my friends who call themselves Libertarian: most of you aren’t really aligned with the Libertarian party though you may like some of the more theoretical notions of Libertarianism: the ideology. Saying “I’m against big government” is equivalent to saying “I’m against open wounds” – yeah sure we all are but its how you define … Continue reading

Single Mom a la mode

its weird being single mom again. or rather I guess I should say its weird being a single mom who is *old*. No, I know 50 is not really that old but becoming a single mom is something I did in my youth- I was barely out of my 20s and it was perfectly acceptable … Continue reading