More Musings on OkCupid

So here’s a hot take on my process of weeding through OkCupid profiles: Well you’ve got a stupid picture, goodbye. Sportsfan huh? I suppose I could… whoa REALLY big sportsfan. Goodbye. You pose with an animal you killed? While it’s still BLEEDING? Goodbye. You sure like posing with hot chicks. Goodbye. You just HAD to … Continue reading

which kind are you?

two groups of people… Group one is 50% homicidal maniacs who can’t wait to get their hands on some knives so they can go on killing sprees. The other 50% are kinda-sorta holding them back but mostly just doesn’t care if they go on a killing spree so long as the maniacs leave all the … Continue reading

the olden mecha days

me: you will never see my photos from when I was a teen. Not happening. Eldest: oh really? Me: you don’t want to see me with a pink and purple mohawk with stripes shaved into the side of my head… Eldest: apparently you were an extra for Mad Max