so it begins again…

There comes a time when you are ready to get up into someone’s face and very carefully, very clearly, with all the gravitas possible, say to them “I have had enough of your sadistic shit and I’m not going to put up with it anymore”. I’m certain everyone has that point. Maybe most of you … Continue reading

Clara and the Doctor

Eldest and I love talking about Doctor Who (and it took some time to get him hooked, gotta say) because we don’t quite agree about ANYTHING but we agree enough to really have rousing debates. The latest is that he doesn’t like Clara for precisely the reason I love Clara. She’s no Donna or Amy … Continue reading

happy Valentine’s day

Lil Miss: valentines day has hearts Me; yes, hearts are associated with Valentine’s day Lil Miss: and a lot of red and pink Me: true… hearts are often depicted as red or pink. and flowers… Lil Miss: Just like my light saber! Me: indeed. Light Sabers are very valentine’s day Geek parenting for the win.