A Black Lady Sketch Show

I really recommend this show.

It’s sketch comedy which means not every piece is going to land with every viewer but every woman on here is oozing talent from every pore and the diversity of their approach and ability is just perfect for an ensemble show. The writing is fairly consistent though some of the ideas don’t come off as funny as they probably did in the brainstorming phase.

Another plus is the diversity of the comedy itself; they might be deep, they might be snarky, they might be parody, they might be absurd, they can apparently do it all, but the talent of these comedians is just so damned good I don’t care if the skit doesn’t quite work for me. It’s still worth watching.

By the middle of season one you’ll probably have your favorite but season two says goodbye to Quinta Brunson ( 🙁 ) and hello to Laci Mosley and Skye Townsend (both of whom are also very good) but for me, it’s Robin Thede and Ashley Nicole Black who are the stand-outs. I think Thede could impersonate a rock and I’d be laughing my ass off. Her style totally works for me at every turn. Not that any of the others are slouches; they’re all brilliant in their ways, it’s just Thede does what I like best.

White people be warned; there’s going to be some stuff in here that won’t quite “work” for you. I don’t think any of the concepts are alien, but there’s some references that won’t *resonate* with us like it will with WOC.

The last reason to watch this show is for the cameos. Much like Key and Peele, I absolutely love seeing familiar faces strut right through a skit, playing a character that steps outside their usual casting and this show has too many to list. I’m not going to make comparisons to K&P though because other than the fact that they’re both sketch comedy done by very talented people, there’s no comparison. All sketch comedy shows are “similar” if they are good. But all comedy troupes have their own flavor and timbre. You can’t compare them.

There is a bit of an over-arc in the show, but it plays like another sketch. Throughout everything, many of the characters recur, and some just continue as a mini-show. So in some ways, it’s more than one show at once.

p.s. I do wish they showed more bloopers at the close-credits. It’s way too short and you just know there’s probably tons more of them.