Season 5

Season 5 is not shaping up to be as satisfying or fun as previous seasons. Perhaps it is the heavy focus on Sarah and Cosima (both of whom are tragic characters with little or no humor in them) who basically get beat up a lot – physically (Sarah) and emotionally (Cosima). As I said, it wears on the nerves over time. Without the break of Alison or Helena or any of the other characters like Felix and Art and Donnie, the show plods along from one horror to the next punctuated by occasional visits from their plethora of villainous folk who essentially “mwahhaha” too much. So far, the themes of identity and agency and autonomy have been scant. We shall see.

Plot wobble: I’m really finding it hard to believe that the camp-people (neolution? Dyad? ugh whatever, I lost track some time in season 4) would be so insistant that Delphine stay away from Cosima. Seems like the perfect way to control them BOTH. Yet they think it’s more motivating to say “sorry, you’re stuck here and you can’t ever see your true love again” seriously? Dude that is TEXTBOOK manipulation 101 massive fail right there.