Tucker and Dale versus Evil

A very amusing spoof on the typical murderous hillybilly slasher flick. Both Eldest and I liked it. Its not too over-the-top but it doesn’t pace too slowly either. When its funny, its HILARIOUS but its not a non-stop riot. Which was nice, for a change. It was weird for me, since I’m not a slasher-flick fan, to jump from hilarity to horror because of the sudden gorey deaths, but Eldest, being a seasoned slasher-fan, said it worked very well in the realm of spoofs. We both liked that there really wasn’t any stupid one-liners, it actually played slightly more realistic than that. Which may be why it wasn’t as popular as you would have thought. The idea could have been played for total screwball comedy but it wasn’t. No deadpans, no groaners, just two somewhat bemused rednecks trying to figure out some very strange college kids. No playing the rednecks for idiots and no playing the college kids for total assholes. This is somewhat how I’d imagine this kind of situation to play out. Though in real life i think there’d have been slightly more reactions to all the death, but like I said; it was amusing, not dramatic. Just the right note, we thought.
It was worth the 1.5 hours we spent on it.