The Lion King 2019

The thing about The Lion King was that, it was gorgeous and technically amazing and the voice cast was FANTASTIC. Which was all a big waste of time and money because the lions? Never act. They make NO expressions through the whole movie. They just look like lions, When Nala says “where’ve you been?” and giggles, she has the exact same expression as when she says ‘I’m disappointed in you” and walks away. Which is also the same expression she has when she snarls at Scar “Well we *don’t* think you’re the king!”
So listening to all these great actors do this wonderful (and oh-so-familiar) script while there is literally nothing emotive happening is for me like watching a dubbed movie that is out of sync. I feel pretty much no connection between what I’m watching and what I’m hearing. The Baboon was the ONLY character that had expression (because baboons have eyebrow furrows) so he’s the only character who seemed “real”.
Second Son was moved and “got the feels” from the pivotal moments but you know why? Because The Lion King is his absolute favorite movie of all time,. He listens to the songs, he weeps during “can you feel the love tonight” and when Mufasa dies he just sobs. It wouldn’t matter what was on the screen, he’d be moved just from association.
The fact is, some kids might dig this because their ability to “fill in” expression is higher than an adult’s. Kids can imagine there is emoting even when there’s not. Adults need more for their suspension of disbelief.It’s not that anything in the movie is *bad* it’s that there’s just no emotional tether between the wonderful acting and the scenes on the screen. I’d have rather watched the voice actors being filmed walking around a blank set than what I just saw,. It would have been more moving. As it was, the lush scenery and incredible graphics were a distraction from the voice acting. Because it just didn’t pair up,