Rogue One

After thinking it over for a while and hashing it out with Eldest, I come to the conclusion that while Rogue One was the superior movie, it just didn’t resonate with me like The Force Awakens did and that’s entirely because of hte main characters. I just didnt’ really like Jyn or Cassian. They were weak characters that I honestly didn’t care about much. I liked pretty much everyone else in the movie but not the main two. Whereas with TFA I LOVED the main characters enough to overlook a lot of problems.
So there you are.

It is, however, the superior movie. It’s pretty much everything the trailers make it out to be: action-packed, epic, expository, and full of fun. There’s a LOT of characters to love and enough intrigue to keep it suspenseful yet simple. The McGuffin is still the same: plans to the Death Star to expose its weakness (and you don’t have to be a SW fan to understand how important that is) but part of the fun is the familiar faces that pop up. and the new android character is WONDERFUL. Alan Tudyk outdid himself.

I just couldn’t really get into the two main characters. So if character and story is the top of your list in movie must-haves, you might be a little disappointed. Not totally crushed, as there’s decent story and characters in R1 just not *enough*.

But really, it is a great movie.