Why My House is Not Cleaner Than Yours, But Actually Is. Pt3

I vacuum regularly and very thoroughly

Vacuuming is a bear. I hate doing it. I hate that I have to do it. However, not only do I do it, I do it very often and very extensively. Here’s why: vacuuming is the best way to keep dust and hair and other effluvia from spreading all over your house. By vacuuming everything I possibly can, I keep those very basic things from piling up.  Once I vacuum, everything stays clean for a long time.

How I Make It Work

I vacuum under furniture. I vacuum shelves before I dust. I vacuum carpet/rugs in two directions. I vacuum bathrooms. I vacuum inside cabinets. I vacuum desks once they are cleared. I vacuum my computer keyboard.

Why do I do all that? Because the more I get inside my vacuum bag, the less stuff will get blown around in an hour after I’ve cleaned. And nothing but NOTHING cleans a bathroom of full of hair like a vacuum. If you’ve ever tried wiping a tile floor or wall you know what I”m talking about; one or two hairs is invisible but sure shows up when you use a cloth wipe! It’s maddening and in my first year of being a cleaner I learned the truth – hair is my nemesis. The only way to win in the battle of the hair and fur war is to haul a vacuum cleaner all over everywhere and do it twice. Hair and fur travel quickly with the slightest breeze so I also take special care to notice which way I point the vacuum machine while I”m using the hose to vacuum up stuff. Yes I use the hose. The main roller is only good for carpets and rugs. Everything else gets the hose or brush end. The brush end is particularly good for upholstery, drapes, lampshades, hanging pictures,  and dusty shelves. If I didn’t have a vacuum cleaner, I couldn’t do half the work I do.



My house is messy. Sometimes it’s probably messier than yours. But it’s also probably cleaner than yours because when it’s time for me to get everything shiny and nice, it doesn’t take me very long to fix it up. A lot of the “heavy lifting” has already been done on a regular basis and to my satisfaction. If something is close to needing a redo, it’s *still* not as bad as someone else who hasn’t cleaned their cabinet doors in several years. I don’t actually clean my house very often and I have times (especially if I have a lot of cleaning clients all scheduled close together) when I can’t even do a “once a day” job. But it still takes me less time to clean my place to same degree of clean as it takes me to clean yours.

And I can be that way and still not judge you, my client because cleaning your place is my job, not yours. You have a job. You have kids/pets. You have other things that take up your time. I have things that take up my time but cleaning your house is how I make money. I have pride in my work but when I get home, I don’t feel like cleaning my house any more than you do. So I mete out the work in pieces and figure that’s good enough. If I want to throw a party or have people over, I still have to clean it. I just don’t have to do all the things I do for you because I already did them.