Someone Great (Netflix Original)

Skip this. I tried to watch it and kept skipping through bits of it. So just skip the whole thing.

Plot summary: Some super-cool trendy 20-something girls (a white slightly uptight chick, a black lesbian and a Latina het) decide to have a big-ole last blast at some music festival? Dance club? I dunno. It’s in NYC. They are very cool and hip chicks. The Latina got dumped by her boyfriend and occasionally has flashbacks about their wonderful dreamy romance. Something something, fashion show montage, something, everybody gets drunk. Uptight white chick gets laid by some guy she’s too embarrassed to admit to. They drink some more. Take molly. Get stoned. Run around giggling. Something something. More clothes get changed. More flashbacks. More booze. more weed. oh gawd whatever. Something something. blah blah fuck this bullshit.


You know, I tried to watch this three times while floating on a nice cottony cloud of pain meds (having a serious flareup this week) and I STILL could not tolerate it. When you can’t sit still for a movie while on opioids, something’s seriously flocked up.