she poops what?

when I woke up briefly in the wee hours of the morn, I felt something in the bed. I put my hand on it and felt it – it felt like a turd. 
“Oh, no,” I thought, “Lil Miss has somehow evacuated in the bed”
Rather than jump up screaming, I picked it up and pulled out from under the covers. It was a round red strawberry.



I’m sorry I’m so absent…

School’s kicking my ass.

Should be getting some breathing room the end of next week. I have a few plans about what I’ll be writing so expect a minor explosion of *ME* at that time. I had an amazing “moment” as well as some very sad ones too. Its all coming down the pike, I promise, come back in about two weeks!


In the meantime, here’s something to keep you busy:

Surprise! more laundrey!

Cass Paisan: hmm

Cass Paisan: third son just came home

JSH179: did he learn clothes matching at school yet? 😉

Cass Paisan: lol

Cass Paisan: actually

Cass Paisan: we just bought them new clothes yesterday at Target

Cass Paisan: he got two pair of pants for school

Cass Paisan: Khakis

Cass Paisan: and a pair of shorts

Cass Paisan: first thing I noticed

Cass Paisan: he had his pants on backwards

JSH179: hahahahaha

Cass Paisan: I mention this to him and he says “yeah”

Cass Paisan: ooookay

Cass Paisan: second thing I notice

JSH179: well, if it was his pants AND his shirt

JSH179: maybe he started listening to kris kross

Cass Paisan: the back of his pants have medium brown stains on them

Cass Paisan: so I say “did you sit in your lunch or somthing?”

Cass Paisan: he says “no”

Cass Paisan: so I say “you have stains on your new pants”

Cass Paisan: I’m thinking “probably chocolate, maybe tempura paint…. shouldn’t be so hard to get out”

Cass Paisan: he says “yeah”

Cass Paisan: ooookay

Cass Paisan: so I say

Cass Paisan: “how did you get those stains on your pants?”

Cass Paisan: he says “I sitted on a dry erase marker”

Cass Paisan: wha?

Cass Paisan: he takes pants off and I discover there are several BRIGHT GREEN stains ALSO on the “back” of his pants

Cass Paisan: *sigh*