Kid Tales: Morning Cuddle singing session

Me: [singing to the tune of the Lego Movie theme] EVERYTHING IS AWESOME! Everything is cool when Lil Miss is here! Everything is AWESOME!! when Lil Miss is near!
Lil Miss: [giggle fit]
Me: hey, are your pants wet?
Lil Miss: yeah, I had to wash my hands, cuz they were sticky cuz I was eating an apple
Me: oh, you ate an apple?
Lil Miss: [singing to the tune of the Lego Movie theme] I ATE ALL THE APPLES! I ate every one of the apples oh yeah! I was really hungry! so I ated all the apples!
Me: [giggle fit]


two favorite songs

“Budge you didn’t have a CAPPYA! mekka lekka dinna pin anna fansa nuffin…. now you jus dumb bunny that I juice to doe”

(Somebody That I Used to Know AKA “cappya” by Gotye)


“Don bring me cow! NAH NAH NAH don bring me cow!”

(Don’t Bring Me Down by ELO)



there’s always a good story when we play

Okay so, monkey and leopard got into the Mach five to go to the parade. Spotted dog, kangaroo and bobble-headed dog got into Aurora’s carriage which was being pulled by the Mach Five. It was leopard’s birthday. But the meanie head concrete mixer truck and the pickup truck said it was concrete mixers birthday too so they blocked the parade route to the party with baby dolls. Everyone was sad. but Monkey blew the babies out of the way. Everyone went to the parade. Now we sing the “make pies” song.

Song for the pony

You’re not a princess yet,

you’re just a pony,

a bad pink pony with no princess dress,

so you go to be the blue bonny bonfest,

of the princess, without the dress,

you just not the best,

and when you clean it up,

the mucky mud of the brony, you da pony,

you gonna get a new dress,

and make to be the princess