Once Upon a Time

I don’t always like what they’ve done with the original stories but I do occasionally like the characters.

Sadly, the characters they pick to be mains tend to have boring stories carrying them.

Snow White is the purest of hearts. ho-hum.
The Evil Queen is the evilest. ho-hum.
Prince Charming is…. awesome at everything. ho-hum
Rumplestiltskin is mysterious and bad but there’s a spot of goodness in him. ho-hum.
Captain Hook wants revenge and will double-cross anyone to get it. Ho-hum.

Emma is the “real world” influence in everything so consequently she is either ignorant of everything (did she never read a fairy tale growing up?) or she’s frustrated and gritting her teeth. Basically she comes off as stereotypically “bitchy” and that get old real fast.

Then there’s the non-mains…
Red Riding Hood (Ruby) has a different story that is dynamic and exciting! Oh her story is only about two episodes long.
The Dwarf has his own backstory that involves a fairy and pursuing your dreams! oh his story is only one episode long.
Belle is an intelligent reader and has a fill-in story that is realistic and tragic! oh her story is only told in the background to highlight someone elses story.
Mulan is here! Oh she’s a sidekick with no story of her own.
King Midas! Oh he’s just there to tell someone elses story.

I’ve heard the Wonderland spin-off was disappointing. Which is doubly disappointing because the build-up in this show makes it seem like it would be amazing.

So essentially, OUaT is not a bad show most times? But when it focuses on the main characters, it can be boring, predictable and frustrating. When it spotlights someone on the side it’s wonderful and makes up for a lot of prior tedium.