There may be some oddball issues with this show but chalk that up to cultural differences and references and move on.

This show is fascinating. It’s a kind of “hunger games” with brain teasers. You will get to know a small group of contestants:
The moody loner, the conniving cheat, the wide-eyed lovely with a secret, the persistent hero with a tragic backstory, et cet

They are all vying for a place in “the offshore” where paradise awaits so long as they survive “The Process”
So part of the appeal is seeing the characters’ individual stories as they battle each other – or sometimes work togehter in order to survive, and part of it is watching The Process itself. I’ll be honest, I didn’t really care much about the overarcing subplot of the in-fighting behind the scenes of The Process. That is to be expected. And some of the “twists and turns” didn’t really pan out so well. But the problems given to the contestants, the ways they solve them and the interplay between the amazing actors is worth every minute of watching.

The finale was also well worth the time spent.