Finding Dory

The good: its just as visually beautiful, it has all the same characters plus a bunch of new ones and when it gets going its hella fun
the not-so-good: the first half of the movie actually drags. There’s catching up, fleshing out the back story and setting up the conflict but it really takes about half the movie.
the stupid: they replay every single fun moment from Finding Nemo whcih is kind of annoying after a bit
The surprise: two new characters (Hank the octopus and Becky the Loon) who pretty much make the movie worth sitting through the first half

Its not that the first half of exposition is unnecessary, its that its so FLAT. There’s hardly any humor, hardly any surprises and hardly anything new – just “hey remember those wacky characters you loved from the first movie? HERE THEY ARE! (for ten seconds) DOING EXACTLY WHAT THEY DID IN THE FIRST MOVIE! ” But once you meet Hank and Becky, everything picks up and you remember why you believe so much in Pixar. It’s worth it. Becky, Hank and the Sea Lions are all worth the entire movie. Especially the truck chase. Destiny and Baley are fun too.
Its worth seeing on the big screen but don’t expect much in the first half. Trust me, they make it up to you in the second half.