Kindred (2021)

I just watched this movie and I wish I hadn’t. A woman is pregnant and held against her will. She tries to escape several times but gets dragged back each time. Her captors keep saying it’s to protect the baby but they are also drugging her every day. They also refuse to let her have any prenatal care. They also decide she’ll have the baby at their home with the doctor who is presumably being paid off. There’s also plotholes about her mother having post-partum psychosis. The ending is tragic. The experience of watching it went from dread, to outage, to discomfort to disbelief. I wish I had not wasted my time.

Just FYI: there’s no doctor in this country, who cares about the unborn enough to force a woman to have the baby who will also sign off on drugging the mother continually during her pregnancy. That just erodes suspension of disbelief entirely.