Bad Moms Christmas

This is exactly what the title implies: It’s Bad Moms, at Christmas. Mostly dealing with their own moms.

If you liked Bad Moms, then you’ll like this, probably just as much. In fact, you might like it more. It did rehash several of the scenes that made Bad Moms so much fun which made me a little impatient, but not for long. It also had a couple of new scenes that were equally fun so I could forgive the repeats. The essential idea of the movie is that the holidays (though make no mistake this was about Christmas and no other holiday though there was no religiousity except for a scene in a church) are really about family. When you’re a parent, you want to give your kids a “good christmas” but what does that really mean? In BMC, it means accepting that not only are “you” an imperfect parent, but that your own parents are imperfect as well. It’s a good theme and one that isn’t touched on enough in movies with parenting.

But what made Bad Moms Christmas possibly better than the first was that this time it included the grandmothers. So the Bad Moms weren’t just dealing with their issues as parents, they were dealing with being children too. Getting to see older mothers dealing with their issues just made the whole thing go from “fun” to “wonderful”. The acting is good comedy, the interplay between characters was magic as before and really it’s just exactly what you’d expect.

As a Christmas movie, I think this might become my favorite.

Now, if you didn’t see the first movie, I don’t know what to tell you.