Season 3

Up until now, the half of the show that is Mike has gone from annoying to mildly interesting. Now 2 episodes into S3 I’m actually BORED with Mike. No matter how “badass” and “cool” Mike is, watching his facial expressions is not scintillating screentime. He just isn’t that animated.
Jimmy, on the other hand, has just made me love him more and more as things progress. I Hate Chuck so damned bad now that I’m starting to kind of get angry with Jimmy for continuing to think there‘s any kind of family love left. Perhaps he finally understands now that Chuck will NEVER love him back.

More than anything, I’m powerfully curious to see how Kim handles this new development. She’s stood by Jimmy in an uncomfortable way for some time now but this… love may not carry them through this. Yes, Jimmy did wrong. We all know that and for a lawyer, that’s career suicide. As the sympathettic audience we can “understand why he did it” all we want; it was still illegal as HELL and unethical to boot. Yes, if Chuck had ever stopped trying so hard to ruin Jimmy I believe we wouldn’t have a story to tell but it doesn’t excuse Jimmy’s actions.

I’m looking forward to more of Jimmy and Kim but seriously I’m just sick of looking at Mike’s sour expression.