Paranoid (Netflix original miniseries)


Do not waste your time with this. It is well-acted and the lighting is nice. Everything else; directing, script, editing, plot, characters, gawds even the music selection is terrible.

Worst offense? They didn’t bother to research *anything* they used for plot devices. Apparently they think “test for drugs” means there’s some magical test which will reveal if you’ve been taking ANY drugs of any kind – even new, unknown experimental drugs. Apparently homicide detectives do not normally check into a murder victims background at all. Like where they worked. Apparently people with dark skin don’t live in the UK or Germany. But if one was walking around with a green jacket like say, every time some clue showed up, nobody would notice at all. Apparently when a huge, international pharmaceutical corporation does drug trials. if something goes wrong, they can just shut it down quietly and never keep any records of that and nobody will ever know. Because nobody oversees drug trials.

And that’s just a very short list of the “show-sins” this travesty (yes I’m using that correctly) committed.

Wow, I feel stupid for even wasting this many words on that POS. Just don’t watch it.