Bird Box

Not entirely sure why I’m bothering to review it since by now either you’ve seen it or you probably aren’t interested but in case you’re one of the few people still not decided I will tell you what I think: go ahead and see it.

It’s creepy, it’s moody, it’s basically a decent horror flick of the “don’t show the monster” variety. It has all the usual elements of a horror movie and a couple of things that seemed reasonably fresh but overall it’s a good solid scarefest. Not too gorey, not too gross and not too silly. It’s not deep or life-changing like some horror movies but it delivers what it promises. I didn’t feel like my time was wasted. Travante Rhodes is especially good alongside Sandra Bollock.
I think I give it a special boost because it was a nice change of pace to see a horror movie that centered on a parent’s POV – get the kids to safety no matter what. There aren’t a lot of films like that (It Comes At Night, A Quiet Place) but they do exist and now it seems a new oeuvre worth exploring. It’s good to know horror fans have grown up and now are demanding more mature plots than just a bunch of kids making whoopee at camp.

In any case, if there are plotholes, I didnt’ really notice them. Most of what I’ve read in reviews arent’ plotholes, they are the unexplained. That’s not the same and unexplained aspects of stories generally don’t bother me. I do not need every little detail of the world handed to me in order to enjoy a good story. I can just accept what I see. In a way, it reminds me a bit of Black Mirror’s “metalhead” episode.

Lastly, I appreciated that while the protagonists go through a lot of agony, it didn’t feel like torture porn.

Like I said, if you like basic horror, it’s worth your time.