out-doing Bill O

SNO got a book by O’Reilly for xmas as a joke. He was reading through bits of it and we were all laughing at Mr. O’Reilly’s lack of teenage sophistication. We are, of course, talking about teenagers here.

SNO: “…don’t wear clothing that de-niggre-grates-”
Me: ‘denigrates’
SNO: “denigrates people because of their racial, ethnic heritage, gender, sexual orientation, physical or mental handicap…” [long list]
Me: who does that anyway?
SNO1/2: oh come on! You know you got a T-shirt that says “fuck cripples!”

After I stopped laughing my ass off, I thought “actually that’d be pretty funny T-shirt. Waitaminute…maybe I’m picking up their tastelessness?


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