I hope he takes the scenic route…

a friend and I were at my parents house, drinking coffee on the back deck. Son Number Three comes out, hops on the exercycle and begins pedalling.


SNTh: BYE MOM! [waves]

Me: Bye hon! Where you going?

SNTh: I’m going to Mexico!

Me: [impressed] wow. That’s a long way away… I’ll miss you!

SNTh: It won’t take me a long time because I’m taking the EAC – the East Australian Current!

Me: ohhh… uh, well yeah…. um… that will be an interesting ride.

SNTh: Yup. Here I go! I’m flying now!

Me: you’re flying?

Friend: …on an exercycle

SNTh: yup! WOO-HOO! [pedals furiously] BYE MOM! I’ll see you tomorrow!


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