I guess I did good

Second son walks into kitchen, looks at food on stovetop curiously.

“Try it, its real good” I say.

He raises his eyebrows and says “really?”

“sure. It’s cheesy chicken stuff. with chips”

Second Son takes a chip and dips it into the mix saying “Its like nachos with chicken?”

“yes,” I say, “but in a dip?”

Second Son pops it into his mouth. Eyebrows start going up and down as he chomps. Face contorts into frown.

“They are a little spicy” I say, knowing he does not like spicy food usually.

“It IS a little spicy” he says, still making weird faces with his eyebrows going up and down. At one point I giggle because I’ve never seen him change faces so often especially while eating. I half-expect him to spit it out and run for the milk. Its not THAT spicy but he can be “sensitive”

“uh, sorry… are you alright? I know its spicy, do you need some milk?”

“No,” he says, eyebrows moving in time with is jaw.

“well, I like it. I think its not bad…”

“Its DELICIOUS” he says with absolute finality. Then pops another into his mouth.

Well then.


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