maybe you shouldn’t have said that…

I’m sitting at my computer, trying to keep from going crazy from inactivity. Son number three runs up.
“hey mom, can I have one of your cookies?”
“mmmm… okay…. ”
We both go to the kitchen.
“I can get it myself!” he says which is an odd thing for him to say since he’s 7 and has been getting things himself for a while now.
“okay… you can have just TWO cookies!” I say.
“JUUUUST ONE!” he yells, reaching into the bag.
“two,” I corrected, “you can have two and give me one as well”
“there’s only one here” he says with a smile and pulls it out, “all gone!”
I grab bag. It is indeed empty. I look up at son number three, holding the last cooky and looking quite pleased.
“who took all my cookies!”
“I did” he said
and then realized what he just said.
“Oooops!” goes the face.

I take cookie from his forlorn face and say
“yeah and now this one’s MINE”


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