open to interpretation?

me: can you see what temperature it says? Lil Miss: 21? Me: almost. You’re looking at the bottom gauge. You see this? one says “F” and one says “C”? those are two different temperature gauges Lil Miss: you mean like Fire and Cold? Me: *laughs* Lil Miss: What? is it something else?


Its still strange to me how it hits me out of nowhere, randomly, occasionally and it still hurts. Its been thirty years now and even though I don’t think of her everyday anymore, I doubt I go more than two weeks. I still have mementos… but they are empty to me… Someone close to me … Continue reading

Kid Tales: Fortitude

Lil Miss: [painting] oh *sigh* I give up Me: What? no, don’t give up! I love your paintings. You do them so well… Lil Miss: [patiently] Mom, “I give up” means I’m not done painting Me: heh, no, Lil Miss, it means you’re done, you’re not going to do any more, you don’t want to … Continue reading