I am not Mother Time

Lil Miss: Its not almost seven!Me: Uh, yes it is, the clockLil Miss: NO ITS NOTMe: Girl, are you arguing with me about *time*? Lil Miss: …noMe: I don’t make the time. The clock says what it says. Its not a matter of opinion.Lil Miss: FINE. *stomps off*  

coming soon!

I will be doing an extensive write-up about my trip to Norway. It is epic. Or possibly many parts. Haven’t decided just yet. Need to finish at least some of it first. SOON!

The Horror of Beauty

I have had four children. I am also under five feet tall. I have an “orphan disease” called Jarcho-Levin AKA spondylocostal dysostosis. (I’ve written about that a couple of times) which means rather than having a long torso and short limbs like most “classic” dwarves, I have a short torso and long limbs. So you … Continue reading