some days…

Cat: YOWL!
me: what?
Cat: YEWL!
Me: what?!
Cat: M’ROWL!
Me: you’ve got food, water, WHAT??
Cat: YEOW!!
Me: (opening door and gesturing outside) Feel free to go outside if our humble abode does not meet your approval
Cat: …
Me: (slamming door shut) I thought so
Cat: yewl?

there’s always a good story when we play

Okay so, monkey and leopard got into the Mach five to go to the parade. Spotted dog, kangaroo and bobble-headed dog got into Aurora’s carriage which was being pulled by the Mach Five. It was leopard’s birthday. But the meanie head concrete mixer truck and the pickup truck said it was concrete mixers birthday too so they blocked the parade route to the party with baby dolls. Everyone was sad. but Monkey blew the babies out of the way. Everyone went to the parade. Now we sing the “make pies” song.

When the mice are away…

Baph took the family down to Florida to visit the grandparents et al. I had to stay because I have prior obligations I could not get out of without seriously screwing people over. Oh darn. So here I am, sitting at home alone, for the first time in… uh? I don’t remember. I know this has happened before for at least an overnight but I don’t remember when it was. No matter, the important part is, I’m here alone for the whole weekend with minimal obligations. As usual, there are so many things I’d LOVE to do that I normally feel hampered from that there’s really no way one measly weekend will work, but hey, I’m excited to see how much I will get done. Some things are “responsible adult” things that I have a hard time with because I need all my concentration and attention to do them. Some of them are just things that I could do SO much faster if there was no one around to interrupt and sidetrack me. Then there is some stuff I’d do anyway but only late at night in bits and pieces. Working on this blog is one of the latter. I have several pieces I want to work on and there’s absolutely no reason I can’t get them all done in a weekend. Maybe tonight? Maybe not. Definitely tomorrow. Just to give you a taste of what’s coming here’s a partial list:


  • an FAQ about being a cleaner
  • dealing with CAPD and how it affects my future goals in ASL interpreting
  • dealing with Second Son’s transition from the home
  • dealing with Lil Miss and her future developmental/psych evaluation
  • transferring stories from LJ to here in the proper categories


However, right now, the first night without family, I am going to drink a couple of Mike’s black cherry lemonades with my BFF, LaFemme, and maybe later play some SWTOR and/or begin  the task of adapting Lysistrata for radio. I didn’t take a nap today so I’m not sure how long I’ll stay up. Knowing me, I’ll be up a while.

now I must go and make some spinach florentine for our salmon dinner. Oh yeah, when the mice are away, the cat dines on salmon.


This Is Not Just Filler; It’s A Promise

I have many things to write about, but not right now. Right now I’ve finally gotten Lil Miss to stay in bed after coming home from a very nice gathering for a friend wherein we spent entirely too much money.

I will be writing about having CAPD.

I will be writing about my outlook for Son Number Two.

I will be writing about my plans, hopes and dreams.

Hopefully I will be writing about “regular life” along the way. In such a way as to make everyone reading say “wow, this cassandra person sure is interesting! I wanna keep reading more!”

And I promise I’ll be transferring more stuff from LiveJournal too (those of you who followed me from there) but ONLY the good stuff. Not the rambling stupid stuff I’d throw up there because I couldn’t think straight.

Since I can’t really think straight now (I think I should take another pain med and go to bed) I’ll have to leave you with just the promises.

Everyone who knows me will tell you; I keep my promises.

here’s some “spice” (not the fifty shades kind sorry)

I was at the first monthly stitch-n-bitch that my Alterna-mom group had put together when I got a call from the husband. Truth be told, when I’m out on social business I tend to “ignore” his calls because he’s got a history of calling about frivolous things on the spur-of-the-moment. However, in the past two years he’s really turned his history around (like to the point of “are you really the same person?” sometimes. I said SOMEtimes) so he’s knowledgeable about the fact that I will ignore his call if I’m socializing. So he called my best friend. For future purposes we shall henceforth refer to her as LaFemme. Cuz she is. Anyways, Baph (that’s husbands sobriquet) calls LaFemme right away and she answers cuz she knows if he’s calling HER it must be actually important. She hands me the phone.

“I fell off my bike” says Baph and immediately I envision him standing on top of the seat doing some kind of balancing act to the cheers of his friends and then falling down. This, of course, is ridiculous and not at all what he meant. I can tell because his voice sounds tense and shaky, just like someone who’s been in a wreck.

“I think I broke my leg” says he.

‘oh gawd,’ I thought,’ not another hospital co-pay’ because I am a devoted and loving wife like that. Meaning I’m so loving I thought that but didn’t say it at all.

“where are you honey”

“North Carolina”

“uh… do you want me to come and get you?”

“no, Lou’s going to drive me down home so you can take me to the ER”

“Honey, dont’ you think that if your leg is broken maybe you should go to the ER sooner? like NOW?”

“I called the Blue Cross Nurseline and she said I can put ice on it and come home”

“uh, okay I guess I’ll see you in two hours”

Well his leg wasn’t broken. Which is great because that’d really mess up a lot of plans we both have been making for the next few months. Like I said, I’m a devoted loving wife so I can tell you right now that I’ve been taking care of everything around here and filled with happiness to be waiting on my husband while he lays up his incredibly bruised and hideous-looking leg.

Well, I would be if it weren’t for the fact that this accident came about because SOMEBODY just HAD to go on a motorcycle ride with his pals while it was raining. yeah, see I am not particularly antsy about him riding, but I do get somewhat displeased when he rides in the rain. Every time he rides in the rain I can’t decide whether I want to brain him for being so stupid or disable his motorcycle until he promises to stop doing that. I know sometimes its really inconvenient to wait out the weather but you know, we DO have another vehicle so there’s always the option to call me and come get him. If he’s on a mountain ride? What is so outrageous about the idea of waiting once it starts to rain? I am willing to bet that any rain that happens is of the brief variety.   Even if “brief” means 3 or 4 hours: I’d rather have him be late than have him make a call like that to me again.

So while I’m trying to be helpful and sympathetic, I have to admit to a certain amount of emotional salad:  bitter “I toldja so”, anxious “why did you do that!?”, and angry “you DUMB SHIT!”

yeah there’s maybe a little relieved “well I’m glad you’re mostly okay”