Breakfast does not have to end

So, yesterday I made French toast for me and Lil Miss. After five slices I ran out of eggs to make more. Lil Miss had two slices anyway. I was off doing something and I came back in to hear the tail end of the conversation. Lil Miss was mad at Eldest and I could tell he had pulled “Big Brother” on her.

Lil Miss: FINE! [storms off] I”LL WASH MY HANDS THEN!
Eldest: [shakes head] good.
Me: what’s the problem?
Eldest: [looks at me deciding whether to tell me or not] she is all covered in syrup
Me: yeah, well good thing she’s washing up
Eldest: [cagey] yeah…. she *mumble mumble*
Me: [deciding to just leave it] sure okay.
Lil Miss: I’m all clean now!
Me: [inspects] alright. Off you go.

I walk into the kitchen and notice a stack of bread sitting on a plate. Eldest looks at me.
Me: so she…
Eldest: decided to eat plain bread in syrup.
Me: awesome.

science is trippy

set up a webcam for Lil Miss to make vids of her playing. (because otherwise she borrows our cell phones and runs them down)
She took down the camera and pointed it at athe screen and discovered the fun endless window effect.

Lil Miss: MOM! Look at this! WOW!
Me: yeah.. pretty neat huh?
Lil Miss: How is that happening? What is it?
Me: You’re pointing the camera at itself so you see a picture of a picture of a picture
Lil Miss: wooooow
Me: welcome to infintiy

open to interpretation?

me: can you see what temperature it says?
Lil Miss: 21?
Me: almost. You’re looking at the bottom gauge. You see this? one says “F” and one says “C”? those are two different temperature gauges
Lil Miss: you mean like Fire and Cold?
Me: *laughs*
Lil Miss: What? is it something else?

Kid Tales: Fortitude

Lil Miss: [painting] oh *sigh* I give up
Me: What? no, don’t give up! I love your paintings. You do them so well…
Lil Miss: [patiently] Mom, “I give up” means I’m not done painting
Me: heh, no, Lil Miss, it means you’re done, you’re not going to do any more, you don’t want to keep doing it.
Lil Miss: oh. I never give up.
Me: you got that right.

Kid Tales: Marriage

Lil Miss: what’s that?

Me: that’s a picture from the movie “Up”

Lil Miss: what are they doing?

Me: they are being married

LM: why?

Me: because they… love each other and they want to be together

LM: Because that’s what people do?

Me: Yes, when they love each other, they want to live together all the time. So, many people get married and share their life with each other

LM: Ohhh…that’s nice!

Me: yes it is.

Kid Tales: Morning Cuddle singing session

Me: [singing to the tune of the Lego Movie theme] EVERYTHING IS AWESOME! Everything is cool when Lil Miss is here! Everything is AWESOME!! when Lil Miss is near!
Lil Miss: [giggle fit]
Me: hey, are your pants wet?
Lil Miss: yeah, I had to wash my hands, cuz they were sticky cuz I was eating an apple
Me: oh, you ate an apple?
Lil Miss: [singing to the tune of the Lego Movie theme] I ATE ALL THE APPLES! I ate every one of the apples oh yeah! I was really hungry! so I ated all the apples!
Me: [giggle fit]