Breakfast does not have to end

So, yesterday I made French toast for me and Lil Miss. After five slices I ran out of eggs to make more. Lil Miss had two slices anyway. I was off doing something and I came back in to hear the tail end of the conversation. Lil Miss was mad at Eldest and I could tell he had pulled “Big Brother” on her.

Lil Miss: FINE! [storms off] I”LL WASH MY HANDS THEN!
Eldest: [shakes head] good.
Me: what’s the problem?
Eldest: [looks at me deciding whether to tell me or not] she is all covered in syrup
Me: yeah, well good thing she’s washing up
Eldest: [cagey] yeah…. she *mumble mumble*
Me: [deciding to just leave it] sure okay.
Lil Miss: I’m all clean now!
Me: [inspects] alright. Off you go.

I walk into the kitchen and notice a stack of bread sitting on a plate. Eldest looks at me.
Me: so she…
Eldest: decided to eat plain bread in syrup.
Me: awesome.


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