Sleepy Times

Last night was really rough on Lil Miss. She woke me up many times and who knows how many times she woke and didn’t wake me. One particular time, I woke up because she turned over to cuddle into my arms then immediately screamed bloody murder in my face. I was so sleepy I said “hey don’t scream, okay” and she whispered “okay, good night”

Another time, she mumbled “mom, did you have a dream?”
“not yet,” I said, “what about you?”
“no, somebody stole my dream”
“yeah somebody took my dream and gave me a headache”

So I told her we’d go back to sleep and make new dreams, nice dreams. SHe was hesitant at first because (obviously) she’d been having nightmares, but I promised her I was right there and if she had a nightmare she could wake me up. Just please no more screaming. Which she agreed to.

Next morning we woke up and she said “hey mom, I got a new dream!”
“was it a good one?”
“Yeah! I dreamed about making rocket ships fly. Did you dream about making rocket ships fly?”
“Um.. no, I don’t remember what I dreamed about”
“well maybe you dreamed about good things?”

“I’m sure I did”

“that’s okay,” she said reassuring me, “you can have some of my rocket ship dream”
“thanks hon”


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