typical conversation

Lil Miss: I’m done! See? (tips plate)

Me: great. put your plate in the sink or on the counter?

LM: on the whaaaa?

Me: the counter. or the sink.

LM: but I can’t put it in my butt?

Me: ….

LM: are you sure it won’t fit in my butt?

Me: I’m sure, yes. that plate will not fit in your butt.

LM: cuz it’ll hurt?

Me: yes.

LM: and it’ll break my butt?

Me: probably

LM: and it’ll pop my butt?

Me: ?

LM: and I’ll be dead?

Me: I doubt that but you sure won’t be very happy.

LM: so-

Me: how about you put your plate in the sink

LM: Counter.

Me: awesome.


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