I’ve been having some wonderful and amazing discussions about my post. (don’t play dumb, you know which post I’m talking about!)  I wish I could post everything that’s gone on… at first I actually was going to try but then things got so long and complex wiht different people coming in and out… it was wonderful!

I feel like I’ve helped my friends in some ineffable way. Not that learning all that about me personally was some great gift I bestowed (I mean I’m awesome and all that but ) but just the general opening up about a history I’ve carried all my life without much thought (other than an occasional funny story told to some specific person as warranted)

Now its a history that I’m sharing with people and we’re all growing more knowledgeable about each other in the  process. I hope my friends will choose to post a comment or two here… maybe encapsulate what their feelings are?

In any case… I promise tomorrow is another story. Its a good one too.


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