We Interrupt This Awesome Train of Thought

I’ma be honest with ya’ll; I was all FIRED up to continue my writing on the previous topic.

Then I came home in pain and exhausted. So I took a pill and cuddled with Lil Miss for a nap.

An hour or so later I stumble out of the bed because I’m only dozing, not sleeping and I really want to clear my head and maybe at least get some stuff started. See I have class websites I have to check too so its gonna be a packed night if I want to write. And I do, with a burning passion (well what’s left of my passion burning through my pain pill haze)


But then Lil Miss got up and after about an hour of trying to fend of her natural grumpies, it became obvious that she’s seriously cycling UP.

In some ways that really fun because she’s really charming and fun when she’s UP. In other ways, not so much because all that charm? Never shuts off. There’s no respite from the constant chatter and questions and topic-flitting. It kind of takes all my attention and energy.

So we’ve been trying to keep her low-key and reminding her that mommy is not feeling 100% please stop asking her to go downstairs. That’s kind of tiring too.


And now its almost bedtime and I’m still feeling tired and  worn out. But I still have my class websites to look at and my schedule to copy and oh whatever hellacious else I need to square away before bedtime because, hey-HO! I’ve got two more classes to start tomorrow except I can’t because I’m going to the doctor to get my stitches out and have a follow-up exam so oh yeah I also have to send emails to my new teachers I haven’t met yet and let them know I won’t be there tomorrow but I got the material blah blah blah


oy I’m tired just typing all that out.


So I’m just sayin’… the continuation probably ain’t happening tonight.

BUT it is one of my primary goals of 2013 to write consistently in this blog. Like every other night. I’m hoping to be there by Feb.

Please excuse us. We are having momentary technical difficulties and will return you to our regularly schedule hot sizzling story as soon as possible. Like tomorrow.


Thank you.


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