might be premature but…

what good is a journal if you wait for issues to resolve before you write about them? that’d be a pretty obvious excuse for never writing, actually.

So, with that in mind…

Recall my last entry. Very important, very amazing, very emotional for me… finding out what direction your life has been pointing you in is a big fuckin deal for sure. So… here I am, figuring “holy moses, I finally know what i want to do with all this education I’ve been getting! I finally know what I’m “supposed’ to be doing!” – as I said, big fuckin deal for sure.

So, practically speaking I have about 60-70 credit hours total. THe problem is that about half of those is out-of-state. So here’s what I’ve learned… in order for credits to transfer they need to

1) correspond to the major i.e be the same credit hours as what is required of your major OR be part of a core curriculum i.e. English 101, American Lit, a foreign language

2) be from an accredited college

3) be from a class/subject that carries  the same credit with the college you enrolled in i.e. most colleges won’t accept ASL as a foreign language credit

So I have a bunch of credits from a college in Pennsylvania. They are from nearly 20 years ago. Shouldn’t matter since it still an accredited college BUT many of the courses I took for core curriculum? Use a different ID system than the colleges down here. So when their system went looking at my transcript  it didn’t “recognize” most of my classes from up there. Oh joy. Now, becuase I’m enrolled in a certificate program, it didn’t matter: I don’t need a core curriculum anyway, I just need to take the classes to get through the program. But because they announced the bachelor’s program, I needed all my credits to be brought here. I talked with the program director and she explained why my credits for core curriculum haven’t transferred assuring me “when we switch to the bachelor’s program, a counselor will have to go over your transcript manually and put all those hours in by hand. don’t worry about it”  So I was going to be put into the bachelor’s program, have all my credits transferred then completing the 5 (or less) semester program I’d have a bachelors! I was expecting to just take these ASL classes and not need anything else. Concentrate on the ASL and get a degree then go straight into a master’s program. Fuckin awesome!

Well guess what? My college was denied creating their Bachelor’s program. Which means I can get an associate (I have enough credit hours for more than one AA) then transfer to a 4yr program. Except I don’t have most of my “core curriculum”  credits here. Which means if I can’t convince a counselor to do this for me, i’ll be expected to redo those fuckin classes in order to graduate.  In any case, the cert program is 5 semesters (2.5yrs) so if I want to finish the program, I am committed to another 2years here. When I thought those 2yrs were gonna net me a bachelor’s that was fine because I could go right into a master’s program after 2 years. Now,when I go to another college, I won’t be going in two years to go into a master’s program, I’ll be going in to do another two years towards a bachelors. Geeziz wept.

As you have read from the previous entry, I have been going to college for about twenty years. Its nobody’s fault (and really, who cares about Fault?)  but honestly I’d really like to FINISH.  Here I finally figured out exactly what I want to do and how to go about doing it… and now I have to change that plan YET AGAIN.

Then my beloved volvo died. The upshot is that I broke it without meaning to. Shoulda woulda coulda but doesn’t matter cuz the volvo probably has to be scrapped. Ugh. I should be glad since we have a second vehicle but that was whole POINT of buying the volvo was that we could retire the gas-guzzling about-to-die-any-day-now van.  I didn’t even get a year out of it!

*le sigh*


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