so… explanation, teaser and short kid tale

School has heated up. Actually no, life has heated up, so I decided it was past time to “get real” and start clarifying my day-to-day life. I’ve been shucking extraneous responsibilities – money-making ones at that – and simplifying existing responsibilities. It’s a heady process.


I have also decided that I’m going to be focusing more on this blog in the future. “The future” being January. January is going to be the start of a new year in more ways than one for me. By that point, the restructuring of my life should be complete and I will be living it and refining the process as needed. I plan to start a writing contest. Yes, there will be a cash prize. Small but still a prize. This contest isn’t going to be a “write a story and I pick the best one” either. It’s going to have a ladder motif which will facilitate the writing of a complete piece suitable for submission elsewhere. I expect to learn a lot as well as write some good stuff myself and bonus I get to read some new material by “unfound” authors!


Conversation just had:

Lil Miss: Mom! Cousin is messing up my train!!

Me: well he’s a baby and baby mess things up. Big kids fix things.  He’s a baby so he messed it up…

Lil Miss: and I’m a big kid so I gonna fix it!

Me: really!

Lil Miss: Yeah, and I’m gonna fix it greater now

Me: you sure? it could be hard…

Lil Miss: Yeah! I think I gonna fix it greater now and I have to do it all. by. my. self.

Me: that so? Well I think that’s a great idea… I bet you can do it!

Lil Miss: Uh huh… I can do it!

Lil Miss: THERE! I DID IT! Come see

Me: Wow, you DID. I like it.

Lil Miss: yeah. That’s cuz I can.



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