This Is Not Just Filler; It’s A Promise

I have many things to write about, but not right now. Right now I’ve finally gotten Lil Miss to stay in bed after coming home from a very nice gathering for a friend wherein we spent entirely too much money.

I will be writing about having CAPD.

I will be writing about my outlook for Son Number Two.

I will be writing about my plans, hopes and dreams.

Hopefully I will be writing about “regular life” along the way. In such a way as to make everyone reading say “wow, this cassandra person sure is interesting! I wanna keep reading more!”

And I promise I’ll be transferring more stuff from LiveJournal too (those of you who followed me from there) but ONLY the good stuff. Not the rambling stupid stuff I’d throw up there because I couldn’t think straight.

Since I can’t really think straight now (I think I should take another pain med and go to bed) I’ll have to leave you with just the promises.

Everyone who knows me will tell you; I keep my promises.


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