I’ve decided to pretend

that this blog has always been here.  Rather than try some kind of background blah-blah about me and my family and goals on this blog, I’ll just assume you all know me and have been keeping up. Otherwise, you’ll ask me in comments, right? Right.

Besides, all future questions will probably be answered by using the handy-dandy categories list and/or tagging system they have conveniently place on the left of the post. As they say in the world of junk-food-eaters… I’m lovin the stuff. (except not junk food because truthfully I don’t love it, I merely tolerate it for the sake of convenience. Except for Popeyes’ rice and beans which is surprisingly good stuff. But then its pretty hard to mess up rice and beans) Personally I think we need a new term for Fast Food because we all know the stuff you get from there is neither fast nor food. We should call it “conveats” or something. Because the only reason we really buy it is because we’re freakin tired and don’t feel like cooking or we’re far away from our kitchen and don’t want to haul the hellions to a “nice place”. Either that or someone’s looking to fulfill their RDA of sodium in one go. I’ve had days like that too. Usually I’d reach for a hot dog. But with all the corn syrup in ketchup these days? forget that.

Anyway. I like this format to be honest. Its clean and sleek with helpful clicky things on the side. I’m going to be (over a great slow period of time) copying my best/favoritest stuff from various sources (okay mostly LiveJournal) and putting it here in the proper categories and with the proper tags. I have many many years of writing so it’ll take some time. Then again, most of the writing I’ve done through the years is pretty crappy. So I’ll be combing for quality too.

Wow, this entry is boring. So it goes for introductory things.



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