love poem 2

One night
in slow motion
twisting and turning
creates the commotion

Once bright
For my body flows like ice
solid liquid floating past
beholds a secret spice

One sight
the floe is just beneath
waiting for a bit of warmth
a tiny charge
electrolytic feast

Won night
with my prize
sugar surging, heart pounding, muscles melting as lava
I claim this for my own
no more worry, fuss and hurry, anxiety or bother

Dark night
in soft cushions
Her face behind my eyes
glowing like a cherub,
promises are made of this
my love, my life, my harem

Long night
in our caves
sweet long lashes brush her cheeks
I want them on my skin
sliding strong hands
exploring the terrain
love is not a sin

Hold tight
to this vision
my heart explodes into dust
glitter on my soul
for all the longing come to this

Majestic night
in starry windows
one glance and I’m amazed,
without light the heavens shine so bright
and every inch of her is praised

One night
with my love
our breaths in unison
sliding further, rising higher,
moving closer, burning pyre,
our space is now undone


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