love poem 1

for a beautiful girl

That night
when I laid with you, as so many times before
arms wrapped around me
so many threads of a web collapsed
Your face against my neck
eyelashes flickering tiny kisses
straight to my soul
filling up the room
with the haze of my desire
and the gentle push of my want

My want
when I laid with you, as so many times before
breath hurtling together
so much rhythm -more than our hearts
moving closer and slower
feeling myself melt
and turn into you
nothing but beauty and light in there
arched neck, lashes thick against your cheeks
lips drawn apart with a subtle blush

That moment
when I laid with you, as so many times before
skin brushing hair, fingers grazing skin
closing the gap between us
building to a crest that crashed against my life
billowing blowing blushing
and crushing
all my doubts
about who we had become

All night
while i laid beside you, as so many times before
thoughts ceaseless and harsh
taunting and cruel
bringing fear and sadness back from the depths of our past.
For all the love I had
could not hold you to me
when the rocks would fall
and they did fall
as they always do
and I would watch your diminishing form
holding all the memories and sweet notes
you took for the next in line
and that one moment, that night, that want,
was all I had left to keep
and one night, one moment, one want,
-not enough to keep us together
-just enough for me to hold
and know that you did love me
if only for one night


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