Frozen with ineptitude

yesterday, everything was going really well for a whole 30 minutes. No fighting, no screeching, no crying, no whining. Lil Miss didn’t even ask me for “ahhh-skoo-wai” once.

So, feeling really good, I lean over the bannister and yell “hey! WHO WANTS POPSICLES??”

Everyone comes running up the stairs, we all start dancing in the kitchen, clapping hands and cheering. Then I open the freezer with a flourish, pull out the popsicle box and find

ONE popsicle

Holy shit, imminent disaster of toddler-epic proportions. Why oh why didn’t I LOOK first? Oy vey.

Oldest Godson, who is nearly five, sees inside box and knows what’s coming. Younger Godson is not so savvy. Lil Miss is already reaching for the one popsicle in my hand. I give it to LM and tell the godsons how incredibly sorry I am, I made a mistake, I swear by all that is holy in toddlerland I will get them more popsicles as soon as their mom gets here. Godson-the-younger looks sad and pouty-ish but I think he kinda groks the situation. Godson-the-hyper chats with me about the situation and gets okay with it. I offer GtY some cantelope – no dice (and I don’t blame him) and I swear to him I’m gonna get him some popsicle. I call the boys’ mom leaving an urgent message “PLEASE call me unless you are turning onto my street THIS IS IMPORTANT” and feel like total crud-on-a-stick. I don’t know what else to do, GtY is sad but he’s not crying or actively pouting or anything like that… so I walk away hoping that their mother is either right around the corner or aboutto call me back while she’s in Publix.

I hear some giggling. Walk back over and see LM sharing her popsicle with GtY. Holy crap. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her share anything she was actually engaged with. Melted my heart completely.

Then their mother drove up. I explained the situation (while she laughed her ass off at me) then dashed to the store to restock the frozen treats. Came back, distributed frozen treats and all was well with the world again.


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