amnesia from cute

SMIBBO (5:47:34 PM): I have decided that
SMIBBO (5:47:50 PM): our daughter is the absolutely cutest thing on the planet
SMIBBO (5:47:55 PM): without question
quakegibz (5:48:01 PM): is this a recent decision?
SMIBBO (5:48:06 PM): she’s so cute it should be illegal
SMIBBO (5:48:37 PM): well no, the decision part is me going public with this information
quakegibz (5:48:39 PM): lol.. i agree
SMIBBO (5:48:43 PM): I always kinda suspected
SMIBBO (5:48:47 PM): but now i’m convinced
SMIBBO (5:49:07 PM): when I get up off the toilet in order to swoop her up in my arms to kiss her and I forgot I haven’t wiped yet
SMIBBO (5:49:22 PM): that’s obviously more cute than should be alowed


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