Scratching for answers

Discussing the poison ivy rash…

Baph: son, is it anywhere else on your body?
SNTh: no.
Baph notices SNTh pinching his groin area.
Baph: Are you SURE it’s not somewhere else?
SNTh: …
Baph: look, if it’s somewhere else, we need to know so we can treat it… it’s just going to get worse if you dont’ tell us and we don’t put something on it… besides, you know what happens if you just keep scratching at it?
SNTh: …
Baph: you’ll scratch holes in your skin and we’ll have to take you to the doctor and he’ll have to give you a shot
SNTh: I got it.. on my… reproductive organ
Baph: *blink*
SNTh: *squirms*
Baph: It’s called a “penis”
SNTh: *Blushes*
Baph: you know what? almost everyone in this house has one… you can say “penis”, it’s okay…
SNTh: I got some on my …penis


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