We all went to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner. Son Number Two wasn’t allowed to have the “pizza bread” until after he ate his salad. He was very good about it; he ate his salad in record time and made pleasant conversation. After the salad, he got his requisite three pieces of cheese and tomato foccacia. I brought him some melon which he also ate but then he went and got three more pieces of cheese and tomato foccacia. Then he went back and got two slices of sourdough. I considered mentioning to him that they had “black bread” (since he loves pumpernickel) but realized he probably already knew it wasn’t real “black bread”, just really dark, seeded bread. He seemed quite thrilled with the sourdough. All the while, he was talking about his culinary choices and how much he was enjoying it all.
When he came back with his two slices of sourdough, Baph couldn’t resist teasing him.

SNTw: And I ate the pizza bread, then the pizza bread again, then the sour bread and
Baph: Hey [SNTw], is there anything you like more than bread?
SNTw: yes
Baph: what’s that?
SNTw: black bread.


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