morning show

We were in the car this morning, listening to morning radio. Where we live, the show doesn’t have a title, it’s just the morning DJs basically yakking about stuff and pulling pranks, making fun of people, etc. One of the DJs is named Jimmy Baron and he’s pretty much the stereotyped Jew (trust me, that’s his chosen schtick) Most people can’t stand him. His whole “appeal” is that he’s a whiney, uptight jerk who has a nasally opinion on everything.
At one point, they’re talking about men and women and divorce. Jimmy complains about how men are given short shrift in the public eye when it comes to break-ups. A famous person is mentioned; someone who was married for 25 years to his high school sweetheart only to dump her for someone else who was young and famous. Jimmy says “people rag on him and everything but, you know, how do you know she wasn’t a complete raving bitch? Huh? How do you know she wasn’t a total lunatic for 25 years? What about that?”
I point out to son number one that the possibility of the dumped wife being a raving bitch or lunatic was pretty slim seeing as how they were married so long.
“why,” I said, “would he stay with her so long if she was a raving bitch? People just don’t stay with someone for 25 years if they’re crazy or horrible”

“oh, I don’t know,” he replied, “I mean, people have been listening to Jimmy for a long time now”


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