quick note about third son

okay, first, it’s becoming quite obvious that third son probably has Asperger’s syndrome. This gave me an excuse to research a little into my own disorder (which has the tongue-gilding name of “Central Auditory Processing Disorder”). Fascinating stuff but I decided I have no interest in getting myself formally tested. All the information for treatment centers around accomodating CAPD clearly indicating that there is no therapy or drugs or otherwise treating this disorder. *shrug* so be it. I’ve gotten through life with it so far, I can certainly get through the rest of it with no change. Although it’s nice to know I’m not just a scatterbrained fool and it’s doubly nice to know that I have a response when people accuse me of not paying attention. It’s nice to know I wasn’t fooling myself all those years I insisted that “I am paying attention! I DO care what you are saying!”

A word of advice (gleaned from my research) if you want to tell me something, it helps enormously if you get my attention BEFORE you launch your monologue.

My attempt to learn more about Asperger’s has yielded nothing new. Apparently I already know most of what the Internet has to offer. Health insurance kicks in beginning of May and then I will be able to send third son for complete testing and [interesting side note: as I was typing, roommate came in and began mumbling about something and I had a serious CAPD moment wherein I thought he asked if the towels lying on the floor were logged into LiveJournal. Irony anyone?]

Yeargh I really thought I was getting to the end of all this crap; worrying about how other people percieve my parenting. Now I will be answering questions of the ignorant such as “how come you didn’t get him evaluated before?” (Because Asperger’s people typically do not display any anomolies until after first grade) and “he seems perfectly normal to me, don’t you think you are being hysterical just because your second son has Autism?” (No, I’m being realistic; the likelihood that one of my other children has a related disorder is pretty fucking high actually and I have held my breath on many occasions hoping against hope that we would beat the odds) then there’s “Oh, I know about that, my cousin’s sister’s friend’s baby has that and he’s a genius who make a gazillion dollars working for some mega-corporation” (that’s nice, but everyone’s different and not all PDD people end up focusing their perseveration on something marketable)


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