gone before you know it…

Second son loves holidays. He is always ready to celebrate another special event, provided it means getting candy or presents. I think he’s happy with special days even if theydon’t involve treats but if they do, he’s even happier. Second son has been babbling and harrassing everyone about the impending Easter festivities for over a week now. Nearly every day he asks “is it Easter?” and “when’s Easter?” He’s said “Happy Easter!” to everyone who crosses his path (including any one of us who might be walking through the room) He has kept us abreast of his thoughts via incessant chatter pertaining to Easter, eggs, candy, bunny rabbits and egg-hunting. You would think Easter is his favorite holiday the way he’s been acting.

So today was the big day. We went to Meetinghouse and while Baph and I sat in meeting for worship, we could hear the kids running about, outside, engaged in the Easter egg hunt. I could plainly hear Second Son, in fact, jabbering away always. I distinctly heard him say “it’s the Easter egg hunt!”  at leastonce and “happy Easter!” as well.

When Meeting for worship was over and we were walking to the car, Second and Third son were telling us about their “Finds” from the egg hunt. Second Son, particularly, wanted to give us the highlights. He told us each “Happy Easter!” a couple of times just for good measure. It got so distracting that Baph teasingly said to Second Son, “hey [Second Son], What day is today?”

Second Son looked puzzled and said “Tomorrow?”


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