you have to be more specific…

Second son announces that he needs water. We have a Brita pitcher. Baph tells second son to get his own water then remember to refill the pitcher.
“[second son]! fill the pitcher! Don’t forget to fill the pitcher!” Baph says.
“da waht?”
“put water in the pitcher then put it back in the fridge” says Baph.
“Okay, I put it back”
“No, fill the pitcher and then put it in the fridge”
“fill the picher an da fridge?”
“Right, fill the pitcher and put it in the fridge”
“oh okay…”
I go into the dining room to finish sweeping up. This is what I hear next.
“[second son] what are you doing?”
“I fill da fridge with da picher”
“no, no, let me show you…”
Baph comes into the dining room giggling.
“what’s up?” I say.
“he was sticking his drawings all over the fridge.”


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