science mixes

Son number three: Hey mom, you know what I’m going to be when I grow up?

Me: no, what?

S#3: I’m going to be a scientist

Me: (Nodding) yep, sounds good to me –

S#3: and a gym teacher.

Me: Uh, well that’s certainly going to be interesting… you like gym class huh?

S#3: yep. I’m going to have my own gym

Me: oh, that is a great idea! You can have your lab and a gym too.

S#3: yeah and when people come in I’ll tell them, “You can’t use that bathroom, it’s for the Scientists only!”

Me: uh…

S#3: and they will have short fingernails because scientists have short fingernails ONLY.

Me:  Glad you got it all figured out.

S#3: uh huh.


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