uh, is that good or bad?

son number three gets in car.
“mom, I got a PRIZE!”
“wonderful honey, can I see?”
he shows me his erasor, which is decorated with science-looking things. I sigh happily; my littlest may become a science-nut after all!
“that’s really neat! it’s got science stuff on it!” I squeal
“yeah!” says he
“wow, did you do good in science for this?” I ask
“yeah!” he says, “I didded so good I got the prize!”
“cool dude!” says I
“uh mom…” he says
“yeah hon?”
“what is this thing?”
“it’s an erasor honey. It’s for erasing things”
“It’s an erasor? for erasing things?” he sounds incredulous. Being used to his penchant for repeating everything that is said to him I answer, “yes. It is an erasor, for erasing things.”
“It’s an erasor for erasing things and it’s gotses science stuff on it” he says satisfied.
son number three then puts the erasor to his nose and smells it.
Amused, I ask him, “oh does it smell like something?”
“YEAH!” he declares
“really? does it smell like flowers or candy?” I tease him.
“NO! it smells like SCIENCE STUFF!


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