alien thoughts

in the car. an odd silence. son number two is looking out the back window, mumbling.
“look out! they’re coming!”
I peek in rear view mirror at him… he is sitting on seat crouched down with head just barely peeking over the edge.
“watch out mom!”
“what? watch out for what?”
“they’re coming after us!”
“who is?”
sotto voce: “da aliens!”
“ohhh…. goodness what should we do?”
“keep going! faster! they’re gaining on us!” son pops head up and cranes neck all the way up to look dead into the center of the night sky, “hurry up! they’re coming for us!” his hand points up, begins shaking and shaking until he collapses on seat. Big sigh. silence.

“mom, they’re gone. It’s okay”
“well that’s good. They left, huh?”
“yes, cuz I’m not finished yet”



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